Gaishi Biotech Co., Ltd is a biological health care company, committed to improve the level of human health which is the subsidiary of Dalian GaishiFood Co., LTD.,. It is a high-tech company in the direction of biological extraction and integrationof cordyceps militaris, functional enzyme, and namekofungi research anddevelopment, cultivation, processing and sales.
    The company located in Dalian which is rated as an “International Garden City” by the United Nations Environment Program. Thanks to its easy access to sea, land and air transport, the city has become an important international shipping hub and logistics center in Northern China. The unique climate here makes it become the main distribution area of natural cordyceps militaris and nameko.


    Equipped with all kinds of technical personnel,have the courage to innovation, independent research and development new products and new ways of production management.We focus on customer experience, keep customer first as the guidance and make efforts to improve human health.

    Intelligence Honor

    After years of technical research, we successfully break the domestic situation of cordyceps militaris cordycepin content stalled, increase cordycepin content up to 14130 mg/kg. It is available to get new strains with cordycepin content more than 10.00% and unique cultivation techniques.Test results report is issued by China Shenyang Chinese Academy of Sciences.


    In 2012, working with xxxxx, the world famous chairman unit of the Japanese Fungi Association, we set up a first-class fungi cultivation center and achieved the cultivation qualifications offirst level of fungi.In the mode of "company &farm", we build "training center" atthe originplace of edible fungus.To give full technical support and supervision, guarantee the interests of farmers, and ensure the safety of the raw materials, we achieve the revolutionary progress of edible fungus cultivation techniques.


    Gaishi Biotech Co., Ltd is located in Dalian, the beautiful coastal city. The factory covers an area of 25000 square meters, building modern workshop for 15000 square meters, advanced equipment of research and developmentand production line. With raw material warehouse, research and development laboratory, production workshop, culture room, cold storage, etc.Annual production capacity is around 5000 metric tons.In accordance with the high requirements for sanitary, each workshop has independent logistics, flow channel, air shower, disinfection sanitary facilities.Equipped with full set of imported production lines, our product is assured of stability and security.